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About Ashley

It's nice to meet you! I hope we get to meet in person soon!
I'm horrible at talking about myself, so heres some quick little things about me to help you get an idea of who I am!

My favorite shows are the office & Yellowstone (season 4 where are you?!)

My favorite drink is water. but like, GOOD water. If you know, you know.
Or.. London fog or a ghost energy!

I'm  professional bathroom and living room singer.

My guilty pleasure is running to the mountains to get away from the city life.

My idea of a great weekend is spent somewhere outside of the city with my favorite people!

I have a 6 year old who is sassy, spunky, quick witted and beautiful. (I wonder where she gets it from...)

Aloha! I'm Ashley!

Years navigating this thing called life


Years in business, learning to love and serve my clients


Beautiful and smart daughter


Years navigating this thing called life


Years in business, learning to love and serve my clients


Beautiful and smart daughter


A PNW staple. You can never just have one, and it's not a hydroflask without faded stickers and a couple dents or two! I can never leave home without my emotional support water bottle!

My Hydroflask

My best friend, adventure buddy, and 2nd favorite person (bug is first!). The person who is always in my corner, and my biggest supporter. I can't wait to be his wife!<3 (not a photographer just a good sport!)

My Honey

Flowers of any kind are my weakness. Peonies and plumerias are my favorite! But, buy me a plant to add to my ever-growing collection? I'll be hooked forever!


My daughter! She makes my world go round and has changed me into a better human being! Of all the jobs I've had, being her momma is by the far my favorite!


What I love Most,

I love all the holidays, Halloween is my second favorite. But Christmas? Don't get me started! I loveeee decorating for Christmas. And my decorations stay up til my Birthday! (March lol)


My life is definitely a busy life, but when I get the chance to go explore somewhere, or take a nice hike, I cherish it! I'm an outdoors girl at heart!


One of our newest additions to the family, our Titi girl! Shes a sharpei-chihuahua mix, all the attitude and 1/4 of the size! She IS the cuddliest thing ever though!


My NEWEST obsession. I don't know how I've never had one of these before, but OH. MY. WORD. They're INCREDIBLE!!!

Anthropologie Candles

What I love Most Cont.

Are you trying to get me to talk about myself? Because it's working!!!

What a great segway! (moms you get me)

Before being myself, or being your wedding photographer, I'm a mom first. (Hence the Moana reference)
Being a mom is the greatest gift I could've ever received. Before my daughter, I wasn't sure what direction my life was supposed to go. Or even what direction my DAY was supposed to go. Finding out I was pregnant with her was the scariest and best thing that could've ever happened to me! Not only did I become more responsible, but I put my head down and figured out what I wanted to do with my life.

She is the sole reason why I dove into photography. I had a camera and wanted to capture her growing up, I documented the first 6 months of her life before I had a friend reach out to me to take photos of HER daughter...

As Tamatoa once said....

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I wasn't quite sure what to think about taking photos of OTHER people. I had never done that before.

But I took a shot in the dark and agreed. Looking back now, wow, I did not know what I was doing. But that wasn't what I was focusing on. I was just capturing memories for a friend.

It wasn't until my daughters Aunt asked me to take her engagement photos  did I fall in LOVE with couples. One thing lead to another and I decided to actually make this a thing!

I was gonna start a business. And oh man was it daunting.

Taxes, business license, insurance, equipment, write offs, contracts, money, marketing, clients... How was I supposed to learn how to do all of this without going absolutely insane??.....

To Be or Not To Be...

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Well, it took a lot of trial and error. A lot of ups, downs, side to sides, backwards and forwards.

But I've invested in the education to help me take my business from nothing to something!! And now here I am, loving my clients, making their wedding photography process easy, stress-free and fun! I want to SERVE you and give you your memories beautifully captured, because that's what I wanted when I was getting married!

I know that this was is what I'm meant to do, because after sitting here in front of my computer for 6 hours now, after all the emails, contracts, marketing and website building, I don't feel ready to be done. You'll never work a day in your life if you love what you do.

I'm off to edit my last wedding! Thanks for listening to me go on and on! I can't wait to meet you two!

Having a Business...

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A hui hou, Ashley

Hate to love scary movies

Most people don't know that I:

My daughter <3 (Bug)

My favorite person in the world is:

Adventure with Bug!

When it's not wedding season, I:

The first look!

My favorite part of a wedding is:

A Chef

If I weren't a photographer, I'd love to be:

Smiling, laughing + crying

During wedding day, you'll see me:



A Hui Hou, Ashley<3

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Proudly Serving LGBTQ+ Couples

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