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sweet couple on the boardwalk

Allison & Jordan’s Poulsbo, WA Waterfront Engagement Session There’s a point during an engagement session, when you KNOW that your couple was meant to be your couple. It wasn’t the sun, poses, laughs or just how dang cute they are. It’s when they ask to take a certain photo with a certain prop that hits […]

Wedding photographer, Hydroflask enthusiast, and lover of all things funny, silly, romantic and weddings.

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In Washington, you’ll find that there are more gloomy, grey days than bright sunny days, which, from a photographers perspective make for even light, and beautiful photos. But luckily for me, I had the most radiant, and happy couple that a gloomy day wasn’t going to get the moods down. It was a bit chilly […]

Anette & Devin’s Woodsy Engagement Session in Seabeck, Washington.

Jennie & BrianAugust 29th, 2020 This engagement session. I am just squealing at all the pictures! This session has been a long time coming! Our original date, April 4th, came and went with no session insight (thanks COVID) We booked a date, then got rained out. Then we booked another date and got rained out […]

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