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Wedding photographer, Hydroflask enthusiast, and lover of all things funny, silly, romantic and weddings.

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I’ve been doing photography for 3 years now, and I’ve always wanted to start a blog. But blogs are soooo daunting. You mean I have to write about things and pretend to relate to people and things? Scary.

But what I’ve learned through the 3 years of photographing, and reading others blogs is that YOU NEED TO BE YOURSELF. No fake writing, or pretending. Just be you! So I finally jumped off the deep end and started a blog!

“That’s awesome Ashley, but what are you gonna blog about?”


Being a wedding photographer is such a personal job. More people hire their wedding photographers based on their personality. Yes you can take great photos, but if you’re personalities don’t mesh, why would you want that person at one of the biggest days of your life?

So I’m going to blog so you can get to know ME. The couples that I love the most are the ones who are easy-going, fun, kind, loving people who LOVE to laugh! And from what I’ve heard they love me too! (humble brag?)

A little bit about me. Hi! I’m Ashley! You’re wedding photographer!

I was born in Maui, Hawaii in 1996 (yep! I’m Hawaiian!) I was mostly raised here in the beautiful PNW. I’m a 24 year old single momma (where all my single mommas at?!) who has a sassy, spunky, funny, adventurous 2 year old girl named A’iyanna. You’ll probably see her on here a lot because besides my photography.. She. Is. My. World.

I’m an office aficionado – I’ve seen the whole show at least 7 times.

I’m a beer connoisseur – not really, I just like beer!

I’m a hugger – Expect it!!!

I’m a jokester – Most jokes are at my own expense and I’m fully aware of that!

I’m all about family! – It’s the Hawaiian in me!

And I LOVE my job! I love my couples and I love taking their photos and capturing their love! Almost all of my couples have become close friends and it’s the best thing EVER!

I hope I get to meet you and we can take pictures, laugh, have fun and celebrate your love together!


August 14, 2020

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