Chrissie & Aaron’s Manchester State Park Engagement

The first engagement session of the new year! And… What. A. Session! Chrissie & Aaron were referred to me by a past bride (Check out Chris & Nick’s wedding here!) When we were talking locations and Manchester State Park was brought up, I may have gotten a bit excited. But can you blame me? This place is incredible! The brick building, the amazing views, beautiful (rocky) beach, and all the trails your heart could desire! I absolutely love Manchester State Park!

Anyone who’s had a session with me knows that when I start talking really fast and basically start making a fool of myself, good things are happening. There was lots of fast-talking and lots of foolishness during Chrissie & Aaron’s engagement session!

These two are just the best. It was like an instant connection! Our conversations flowed easy and we shared lots of laughs, especially when we were laughing at me (remember the foolishness I mentioned?)

Chrissie & Aaron were so natural in front of the camera, which made their engagement session fly by in what felt like 30 minutes.

Chrissie & Aaron’s love is one that is hard to explain with words. It’s that type of love you have to be around and witness to understand. I’m so grateful that I get to witness the love these two share together. Chrissie & Aaron will be getting married in September 2022 at a private residence in Port Orchard, Washington.

Chrissie & Aaron, I am so glad to have met you, know you, and see where your journey takes you! I’m so beyond excited for your wedding in September! I know we’ll see each other many times before that though! <3



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