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Laryssa & Jared’s High Desert California Wedding

The last wedding of 2022 was nothing short of amazing! It was one I’ll never forget. Not just because of the amazing people who got married, or the amazing family of theirs that basically made me a part of the family, but it was that this wedding, was one of my most challenging weddings, technical-wise.

Laryssa & Jared were married in the high desert of Hesperia, California. Not only is this something that I’ve wanted to do FOREVER, but I got to eat in-n-out every day and not feel guilty about it. My philosophy was, if I got back on the airplane Sunday morning, and wasn’t absolutely SICK of in-n-out…I failed. Well, I’m happy to report I succeeded in my goal, and I’m steering clear of in-n-out for at least 2 years.

Friday afternoon, the weather was amazing. It wasn’t hot, but the sky was clear. I had high hopes for Saturday! And then Saturday came, and there was a wind storm from 6 am-11 pm. I’m talking 30MPH winds all day. It was, challenging. But Laryssa & Jared had the backup plan already in place and the wedding happened without a hitch!!! I’ve seen countless families from both sides meet for the first time at weddings, and both of your families were the same, and immediately blended so well together. I honestly couldn’t tell who was from who’s side and that’s what I’d call a perfect match!

Laryssa & Jared, I’ll forever be grateful to you two, not only for allowing me to fly down for your wedding, or for your family for embracing me with open arms but for trusting me and my absolutely crazy ideas, like doing all your portraits on the “least windy spot on the property” (AKA 15MPH winds instead of 30MPH). But girl, THAT BEYONCE WIND!!!!!

You both and your families have all captured my heart and I’m beyond excited to see where your life goes together!

Venue: Private Residence
Makeup: Ashley Harbor
DJ: Weddings Fantastic
Catering: Tacos el Adolfo
Cake: The Cake Shop
Dress: Davids Bridal
Florist: Bride
Tuxes: Express


December 6, 2022

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