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A Leavenworth Engagement Session

Kelsie & Dakota’s Leavenworth engagement session was a true winter wonderland. Knee-high snow, snow falling lightly from the sky, covering their hats and clothes, enveloping them in a sea of beautiful white.

I wish you were right in front of me so you could hear and see the way I talk about these two. But since you’re on the other side of the screen, I’ll just have to try my best at writing it out.

Sometimes when you meet people, there’s just an automatic *click* that happens, and it’s like ‘how have we gone this long without knowing each other?!’

That’s how it felt when I first met Kelsie and Dakota. I met them at a past wedding of mine, Chrissie & Aaron’s, where they were catering. (The BEST BBQ I’ve had in a long time btw)

We met for our consultation and it was just magic. When the topic of their engagement session came up, Leavenworth was brought up, and my first reaction was ‘I’ve never done a session there let’s DO IT!!!!’ So we planned it!

It was a kid-free, laid-back, and amazing weekend. I think this was the most time I’ve ever spent with one of my couples and really got to know them and who they are. It didn’t feel like a photographer-couple relationship, it felt like 4 friends who decided to get away for the weekend and hang out. 

But when the engagement session came, OH MAN. It was like nothing changed and we were STILL just hanging out. Just… colder and stomping through knee-high snow.

Our vision for their engagement session was snow and Leavenworth, and boy did Leavenworth deliver! It started snowing when we left the Airbnb and didn’t stop til the next day. I remember myself saying over and over “It’s a winter wonderland!!” There was one picture that I knew was gonna be difficult to pull off. A picture in downtown Leavenworth, just the two of them. Right in the middle of the busy season, oh man what was I thinking? WE PULLED IT OFF THOUGH! It’s probably my favorite picture to date.

But enough about the session, Kelsie & Dakota, you two are a match made in heaven. Two halves of one soul and amazing people all around. If you’ve had the pleasure of knowing these two amazing humans you know exactly what I’m talking about. Hanging out in the hot tub, playing games, and seeing my *competitive* side come out, and hearing about your family and friends over the weekend, only made me more excited for your wedding and to meet everyone you love! Thank you for asking for my business card, because you two are people that I never knew I needed in my life! I can’t wait to see your love blossom and watch you two start the next chapter of your lives together!!


January 31, 2023

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