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Alisha & Zach’s Edmonds Engagement

Alisha & Zach are the kind of couple, where when you talk to them you think ‘oh yeah, they belong together’ and that was exactly my thought from their initial inquiry to their engagement/family session!

Alisha & Zach met on Tinder, which is where I met my fiance, Barrett! I know what youre think, wow Tinder? YES TINDER. Amazing things can come from there and Alisha & Zach are examples of that! They met at the beginning of covid and Zach was so patient while Alisha had to self-quarantine with a high-risk family member. After months of socially distanced dates, they took the leap and moved in with each other. They had never held hands, kissed or even hugged, so the plan was to stay temporarily until Alisha found her own place. But she never left, life was too dang good!

A year later they got engaged and started wedding planning! But life has an amazing unexpected surprise for them. A little + on a little stick! They were pregnant! Wedding planning halted, and now after 3 years of being together and a beautiful baby boy, they’re tying the knot!

Alisha & Zach are getting married at Port Gamble Weddings & Events at St. Paul’s church this week! Alisha first saw St. Paul’s church in the back of her family car as a teenager, and as they drove past, she told her family “I’m gonna get married there one day”. When zack saw it for the first time during their tour, he fell in love with it just as much as she did. (TALK ABOUT HEART MELTING!!!)

I’m so beyond excited about their wedding this week! From what Alisha & Zach have told me, this wedding is gonna be a party like no other!


August 30, 2023

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