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Maggie & Ian’s Seabeck Engagement

Let me tell you about Maggie and Ian’s awesome engagement session that made me squeal with glee (If you know, you know). They picked a fantastic spot on Ian’s family property in Seabeck, WA. It wasn’t just a place; it was like a magic canvas that showed off their deep love. Picture this: nature all around, sun peeking through leaves, and tall trees giving just the right shade as the sun said bye for the day. Yep, that’s where the fun happened for Maggie & Ian’s engagement session.

Now, let’s go back a bit. Ian was a groomsman at Allison & Jordan’s wedding, and he also went to high school with my brother. So when he asked if I could photograph his wedding, I was like, “SHHHYEAHHHH!” I hadn’t officially met Maggie yet, but after our first chat, I knew these two were meant for each other forever, and that we were a perfect fit!

Fast forward to a sunny day at Ian’s family’s place in Seabeck, WA, and you’ve got front-row seats to their engagement session. The scenery was out of this world, and their love story? Well, it was super heartwarming and crazy delightful.

Maggie and Ian brought their furry buddy, Duke, along for the ride. Duke had LOADS of energy to spare and was hard to catch on camera, until he tired out where he stopped and laid down right where he stood. He did love all of the attention he was getting though lol. His goofball moves added extra fun to the session, showing not just their love for each other but also for their fur baby.

Now, back to where it all began. Maggie and Ian’s love story had its kickoff thanks to that blind date set up by their friends. This random meeting started a journey filled with big dreams, proving that love has a way of bringing people together, even when you least expect it.

And Ian’s proposal? Oh boy, it was a heart warmer and one that felt just right for the two of them. Imagine this: they’re hanging out at home, and out of the blue, Ian calls Maggie outside for some “help.” Little did she know she was about to step into a life-changing moment. As she walked into the yard, there was Ian, nervously waiting on one knee, with a ring. Maggie’s surprise turned into pure joy, even though her nerves were doing a funny dance. Amid giggles and emotions flying all over the place, she almost forgot to say yes—totally adorable, right?

Their engagement session was more than just snaps; it was a love-filled adventure. Their story, starting with that blind date, turned into a journey packed with laughter, surprises, and unforgettable moments. With the stunning Seabeck, WA as their backdrop, their engagement session showed off their real, heartwarming love.

Maggie & Ian are getting hitched at Brown Family Homestead in Leavenworth, WA, in July 2023. I can’t wait to party with their family and friends and celebrate their love! Cheers to Maggie & Ian’s happily ever after! 🥂💑


October 1, 2023

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