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Let me tell you about Maggie and Ian’s awesome engagement session that made me squeal with glee (If you know, you know). They picked a fantastic spot on Ian’s family property in Seabeck, WA. It wasn’t just a place; it was like a magic canvas that showed off their deep love. Picture this: nature all […]

blog header image, groom and bride kissing, st pauls church alter, close up of pearls on emerald green dress, bride holding silk flowers bouquet, close up of engagement ring in emerald green ring box, bride and groom walking up the path to st pauls church

Alisha and Zach tied the knot at St. Paul’s Church in charming Port Gamble, WA, with their wedding colors proudly displayed in emerald green, black, gold, and white. Alisha & Zach’s Port Gamble Wedding was one that was years in the work, way before Alisha even met Zach, but you can read about THAT story […]

Alisha & Zach are the kind of couple, where when you talk to them you think ‘oh yeah, they belong together’ and that was exactly my thought from their initial inquiry to their engagement/family session! Alisha & Zach met on Tinder, which is where I met my fiance, Barrett! I know what youre think, wow […]

Kelsie & Dakota met on a blind date put together by their best friends. Kelsie wasn’t necessarily interested at first, even after he LITERALLY caught her when she fell out of the truck, but Dakota didn’t give up. It seemed like love at first sight with Dakota. He spent weeks if not months sending her […]

Kelsie & Dakota’s Leavenworth engagement session was a true winter wonderland. Knee-high snow, snow falling lightly from the sky, covering their hats and clothes, enveloping them in a sea of beautiful white. I wish you were right in front of me so you could hear and see the way I talk about these two. But […]

The last wedding of 2022 was nothing short of amazing! It was one I’ll never forget. Not just because of the amazing people who got married, or the amazing family of theirs that basically made me a part of the family, but it was that this wedding, was one of my most challenging weddings, technical-wise. […]

Anette & Devin’s Woodsy Engagement Session in Seabeck, Washington.

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